Book of Kells : Art or Design – Qiuyu an

Talking about The Book of Kells, I just can say the value of book can’t be count by money. It is a gift of god gives us. Everyone says it is one of the more lavishly illuminated manuscripts to survive from the mediaeval period and has been described as zenith of Western calligraphy and illumination. There are a lot of swirling motifs typical of insular art and showy color. Many of these minor decorative elements are imbued with Christian symbolism.

In my opinion, I think The Book Of Kells is a wonderful design work in the world,no matter what the showy color or messages the ancients wanted to tell us.

It is a topic of hot debate that what is the different between art and design. Some one thinks that every beauty thing must be art. The reason why people can not separate the art and design is artists and designer are use the same knowledge and skills. Other people have an opposite view. There are a lot of different between art and design from different view. As far as I am concerned, I agree that there are many differences between art and design.

Frist of all, the basic difference between art and design are has different objective. A good art gives you an inspirer and good design can encourage you. A good art can builds a strong emotional linkage between the artist and their audience. The designer’s work is not to create some new thing, but to tell people a viewpoint that exists already.

The second one is art is for artist who creates the art and a design is for people. An artist creates a work want to express his motion. Picture this, if you are a designer and you will design a poster for a product. It is undisputed the advantage of this product must be showed in your design. In other words, the objective of your design is just wants to tell people some information about the product. But a art work is not like that.

There are lots of picture in The Book of Kells, but I think it is still a design. No matter the swirling motifs typical of insular art or showy color, they all want to tell people some information about their times, such as culture, building or something like that. I not think the objective of creating the book just want to express his personal emotion.

I think the book is design, but I think art and design can not be separated. Art include design and design is a part of art. Every design should be beauty and every beauty thing can be art. In other words, we can not have design without art. A good designer must has a good art foundation and a pair of eye which have talent of finding beauty. On the other hand, design must be beauty. Admiring glances and a good repercussion from people are what a designer need. These things have a same premise that is the design should be beauty. My mean is the design should be art.

Of course, we can not say The Book of Kells is an art just because of the swirling motifs typical of insular art and showy color. We also can not say it just a design. I think the more correct definition that it is a nice design with art.


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  1. An,

    Art and design can be separated just look at a car or chair or poster. Art doesn’t just equal beauty or aesthetically pleasing element. There must be an intent? A purpose? If there is a purpose then it is part of design, it was designed to evoke emotion. How it interprets that emotion and what viewpoint it portrays IMHO is the art.

    The fact that it employs purpose put it under design. Good beginnings need help with writing. Go to writing center for help.


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