art85 printing press or internet—qiuyu an

What makes greatest impact on the world

  The rise of technology has brought great social and economic influences and changes for people. Such us, the invention of the steam engine bought about a great change in human life. It marked the end of great tradition of labor with hands and the beginning of a new era of machinery. The other example, automobiles revolutionized the take-out food industry, requiring larger-volume production and specialized delivery systems. The technology of Printing press make knowledge can be spread easier and faster.

  There is an important issue that which one makes the greatest impact on the world? Printing press or Internet? Maybe some people will say the printing press technology gave us many affect that we can not imagine at that time. But I have to say, the benefits of internet is not just about checking internet, sending e-mail, paly computer games and some else advantages that we are getting already.  Because of the computer and Internet technology is main areas of research in scientific of development now. Internet technology is developing at an amazing rate. The speed is not quite on a par with other technology. It has been used  already in every area there is a lot more than you think in 21 country.

  Internet itself is just a tool can be used in our daily life. Such as a powerful sword or an expensive pen. Buying it is not means your military accomplishments will improve or your writing skill will be beauty. You must work harder in order to let your writing skill or military accomplishments better. In a similar way, the reason of Internet can bring great impact to our life that is we use Internet in the right way. Like the reason of building a highway is high speed instead of more and more traffic accident will be happed.

  In these past years, people exploring in the treasure house of Internet technology to make our life better.

  The rise of Internet technology is not only changed the way of information spreading but also changed the way that people live. Internet is the “fourth media” after paper, broadcast and television. I believe that one a day, Internet must be the biggest media in the world. The value of Internet will far exceeds the other three media. Because of there are so many advantages can not be reject by people.

  First of all, the speed of spread is faster than other media. It can spread any information to any place of world in a split second. But newspaper just can be spread in some place that people can get newspaper. And newspaper just can provide information to people who know letters, right?

  The second advantage of Internet is broader content can be spread. In the past years, we send e-mail, check the Internet and download. Today, we not only use that functions that I just mentioned but also use Internet to paly online games, e-commerce, shopping online, distance education and net meeting and so on. What is a big progress!

  Internet changed the way of spread information and people who get those information. It builds a linkage between people and media. It provides a platform for people who want to express themselves. Internet makes our conversation more equality.

  Even if there are a lot of advantages about printing press, but in my opinion, I think it can not compare to Internet technology. 


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