Art85 Which one has greater impact—Printing press of Internet? by Min Ye

            How long have not you been reading an actual book? Have you order the actual newspaper or you just read daily news on the computer or iPad? For me, I have not read newspaper for long time because I download some apps in my phone and iPad to get the news which is much more convenience. Many people assume that they still like printed book or newspaper and printing press has big impact on their lives. However, I believe that Internet, of course, has greater impact than printing press because, as Temmel said, “Electronic devices, multimedia and computers are things we have to deal with everyday.” Those things all have the connection with Internet which has a great influence with its wide and fast spread, variety of useful tools, and easily save and keep the important documents or other information.

            Firstly, Internet transmits information very fast and widely. For example, if someone wants to become “well-known”, they can upload some special videos of themselves on YouTube or Facebook in order to make others “click” it. Or if people want to get a chance to become a singer, they can also post some demo online. This is because there are more and more people surfing on the Internet every day, and Internet helps people get this kind of information very easy. However, printing press cannot give us this kind of convenience.

Another example, as we all know, whenever it happens something around the world, such as pop news, political news, or just some gossip, we can easily find on the Internet. We do not need to read the newspaper at home in the morning, we can just use our smart phones to read it online wherever we get time. According to Temmel’s article again, “They use this kind of medium (Internet) to get information about all kinds topics. Maybe some of them are interested in chatting; probably they are members of a community. Whatever you are looking for, you will find it. Even if you want to have very specific information, you will find it in a short time.” I totally agree with what he states because Internet influenced us a lot not only what it gives to us, but also makes our life easily and better.

Also, Internet offers a bunch of amazing tools for us, such as online shopping, online TV, online gaming, and so on. But the most useful tool that I think would be “translator”. It has prodigious impact for people all over the world. In the past, when we did not have internet yet, or the internet was not as popular as now, we can only read the book in the bookstore or library. What if the book is in another language that people do not understand? We can either wait until it may be translated or just give up reading it. Sometimes, it just loses the chance to communicate with another culture.

But nowadays, people do not need to concern about the language stuff. We get Internet, and we have online translation. Such a wonderful tool that helps us to read every book in every language that we want to. As Ketzan states, “Online machine translation has the power to revolutionize communication by eliminating language barriers, bridging the gap between different cultures, providing services to minority language speakers, and transforming global e-commerce by allowing even the smallest online vendor to serve the international market.” I strongly agree with the thoughts that translate “online machine translation” gives us a lot of advantages about knowing other countries’ culture, and we can read a great number of books online instead of going to the library or bookstore.

            Of course many people would assume that they like the printed books, they may think it has the value to keep it and put on the bookshelf forever. However, can the book last forever? Some may, but most of the books cannot keep long time because it made of papers. But the book online can last forever, whenever you want to read it, you just need to search it and save it into your computer. Books get lost easily, but the books online will always be there.

            In conclusion, I believe that Internet has greater impact than printing press because internet has fast spread, multiple tools, especially translation tool, and easy reading books. Many people would think there are still people do not know how to use Internet, however, there is a saying, “Learning by doing.”

Work Cited:

Ketzan, Erik. “Rebuilding Babel: Copyright and the Future of Online Machine Translation”. HEINONLINE. Web. October 15th, 2012.

Temmel, Markus. “The Impact of The Internet on Our Daily Life”. Web. October 15th, 2012.


One comment

  1. Ye,

    Many things to discuss here. A lot of good points especially the translation concept. However, the translation could be suspect. In many languages there are inflections which are very important. This leads to misinterpretation of purpose or maybe facts.
    The speed and convenience and autonomy of the Internet are the key points.
    My goal is to get you to think about the subject at hand. Good start.


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