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Which is the most significant invention that man has ever created? Is it fire, airplanes, cars or millions the of other ideas had created?  Among all the inventions brought to the world by the human mind, two of them are cornerstones that have had significant change on human Society. The printing press and the Internet were inventions that made a huge impact on human civilization, of how we communicate, share information and knowledge with one of another.  Modern society questions today, which of these two inventions has more significant impact on humanity? While older people who lived in different generation believe that the printing press has more significance than the Internet, our generation will go on explaining how the Internet has become more important than the printing press and how paper is going to be useless or non-existent with in twenty-five years. There was a discussion in our class whether the Internet will replace the old guard, the printing press for finding resources and spreading information. David Barry columnist, author, from the Miami herald stated that Internet is the greatest invention that man has created  “The Internet is the most important single development in the history of human communication since the invention of call waiting.” David quote is very convincing. However, the printing press is the foundation that changed humanity, having a more significant impact on society than the Internet. Thus, Internet is a higher form of the printing press.

 The printing press was created six hundred years ago in Western Europe. Monks of the monasteries all over Europe up to the 15th century copied books by hand. It was the German Johannes Gutenberg 1490AD, who has discovered the modern printing press. The printing press is a remarkable invention because after hundreds of years of tedious copying of any text by hand, it created the opportunity to press several hundreds, later thousands, of copies of the same text or books at once. It helped to spread knowledge, information, ideas, and created the business of copying as a growing new field of profession. It opened doors and gave opportunity for humanity to progress. The main impact of the printing press is its role in expanding education. It gave knowledge into the hands of people who could never achieve wealth and never afford education before. It leads to new jobs skills and better employment. With that, it facilitated social change that had a lasting impact.

          The first example of its impact was the Reformation.  The printing of Martin Luther’s ideas helped to spread the new movement and probably helped him avoid execution. The ninety-seven theses would never have surfaced without the printing press. The translation and printing of the Bible also made social changes contributed to the printing press. The printing press was the significant invention from Johannes Gutenberg. Gutenberg made full use of the printing press for his benefit for use of establishing his publishing company by printing the bible having distributed.  This created jobs such as print maker and carrier and other vital skills labor that made it possible to spread his work. Other print publishing companies were establishing   different subjects with this same idea from Guttenberg. The achievement of the printing press promoted literacy that was once a privilege of the higher class of noble strand and lords. It became available for common people of the less fortune. It gave access to knowledge that was unknown to them before, and promoted public education

Public Education is one of the most important things that the printing press has created. The invention of writing is one of the most important milestones in human history. With the help of the printing press observation, knowledge and ideas could be recorded and passed down to generations. The hands of the wealthy only had access to this wealth of knowledge through original hand written works. With the advent of the printing press works could be widely spread among the public. It gave the common people opportunity to move up in their social statues and to peruse literature works.  As result, common people were equally educated as the nobility by that time.  Gave access to knowledge and socialize common people more and made then knowledgeable of issues that where occurring during the time. Information and society go hand in hand, people want to hear the latest thing. This urge was present even before digital age.

The Internet is called the second form of the printing press for digital age .The very same reason that the printing press was invented. It was a way to spread information faster and opened new jobs skills but on global scale. Human society always wanted to progress forward. They always look for something new and the Internet was that technology that harbored growth. When the Internet came it was very limited to text. Now multimedia like videos, images, and music could be used in the web.  Technological advance like these could not be thought of in the printing press. However the problem with the Internet is there no control coming out from the web. Anyone could post, share video, or do anything that could lead to change of views or events within seconds.  The printing presses had that control of the information content. The publishing companies   had decided what should be on printed material so that will reliable and factual ordinary. They always have been carful not to have radical or illegitimate ideas published. The Internet does not have content control. Eric Schmitt CEO of Google questions the idea of restriction. “ The internet is the first thing humanity doesn’t understand, the largest experiment in anarchy that we ever had”. It was only recent some events that happen raised issue should the Internet be restricted.

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  1. Andreas,

    Lots of good information but no conclusion. Was it greater or less? Very good points along the way but how do you feel?

    What is your opinion at the end of all this information, what do you conclude? It may not be concrete but I do want to know how you feel. Or what your reasoning ability has concluded.

    Again good writing and good thought but I need a conclusion.


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