Printing Press v. Internet – R. Sostenuto

the Internet has changed drastically from a traditional society to a nontraditional society.  A lot has changed from the way products are produced to the quality and production of the product.  As the years go by products aren’t made the same way as they used to be years ago. Products are produced by a more industrial and technology advanced way than over a handmade, agricultural way.  Both the printing press and the Internet serve a huge purpose in the form of spreading information and knowledge to people.  They are both two of the greatest and powerful inventions that gave a new outlook on history.

Before the creation of the printing press, everything was done by hand. This created a limited number of books being produced and a lot of hours and effort being put into creating them. Only the rich were becoming educated, and were able to afford the knowledge of learning. This all changed when Johannes Gutenberg, a great German inventor, created the printing press in the 15th century around the year 1440.  The printing press was first made with replaceable and movable wooden parts and then later on changed to metal moveable printing parts, which cut down prices and was then available for mass production. It was the first invention to change the world we live in today, and brought a faster way of communication, and allowed anyone to have access to a book. Having this access to being able to pick up a book created a new life to people, to educate them to read and write.  “This method of printing can be credited not only for a revolution in the production of books, but also for fostering rapid development in the sciences, arts and religion through the transmission of texts” (Bellis, Mary).  It gave a new life to the world and allows information to be spread faster than it had before and it also helped educate people.  This caused more knowledge to be spread throughout the world making a big impact during the 15th century.

With one great invention always comes another, hundreds of years later came the use of great technology and a faster way to communicate, the Internet. DARPA the founders and creators of the Internet in the 1960’s, brought a new and faster meaning to the world. The Internet has only been around for a few years, but can be stated that it has created a widespread flow of information. The Internet now is the key source of transporting information to one another at lightning speed. It went from being used at offices to everywhere you look around. From phones to at home use. It created an explosion in only a short period of time by changing the way we work, shop, bank and also the way we live. The Internet has become a ritual and a major component in our everyday lives.  “The internet is looked at as a source of enjoyment for many activities such as listening to music, watching movies, chatting with friends, playing online games, shopping, networking, and socializing with friends and family” (Yahoo!). The Internet is a key essential in our lives and has made a great impact in only a short amount of time.

Both of these great inventions made or are still making a huge impact on the lives of people. Back in the 1400’s life were simple, but with the fast moving pace of technology our lives have gained accustomed to advancements such as the Internet. Our lives now depend on the ability to transport messages quicker, apply knowledge faster, and keep in touch with people. The Internet is a rising creation that will keep growing, and expanding into the best possible necessary tool. In jut a few clicks of the mouse, we now have the access to watch unfolding events as they occur, through both pictures and videos. Everything in this century is based on getting things, and knowing facts as quickly as possible, the Internet made this possible. Even though both the printing press and the Internet are revolutionary ways to communicate and gain knowledge, the Internet is a fast moving tool that we are relying on. It has a greater impact on sharing information in a quicker and more reasonable speed. It’s a quicker source of knowing information and getting your daily needs done without leaving your house. The Internet will keep building and isn’t going to go anywhere; it is just going to gain from what it already has.

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  1. Roxanne,

    Good paper and well written. Your points and conclusion are strong. They make sense and conclude on the main point expansion. The book had a major impact but hasn’t really evolved since that impact. The Internet is just starting to evolve and at the moment seems limitless to evolve and integrate with society and its uses. Who knows what will be the next generation and form.
    Good paper.

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