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ART 85

10/ 26/ 2012


With the development of technology, more and more electronic products have been created and these progressive technology bring us so many convenient. For example, we can get any information that we want to know online, or use your cell phone to keep in touch with your friend who lives far from you. Even you can get any reproductions of an expensive art. As an art student, I almost search, copy and use pictures that have been created by other people online every day. I can’t count how many famous painting has been copy and how many art works has been duplicated every day. Some people think these reproductions enriched our spiritual life but reduced the value of the art. As far as I am concerned, I don’t think so. I think the value of art can’t be reduced forever because of reproductions. Art leads to a more profound concept of life, because art itself is a profound expression of feeling. I think the value of art can’t be measured by money. Art doesn’t have price in itself, so it can’t increases and reduces by it self. Like a boat which in the sea will ups and downs are all depend on the flood and ebb tides. The necessity for art will decide the value of art instead of art.

( I will email you the picture because of I don’t know how to post picture on it)

By:  Andreas Gursky   price: $ 4,300,000

Like I say, Art leads to a more profound concept of life, because art itself is a profound expression of feeling. When you see this picture, how many people can believe that is $ 4,300,000 worth. Some people think that person who bought this picture like a rich fool buying the king’s new clothes. It seams like every one can take photo like if he has camera. It is undeniable that the value of art not just a digit. It maybe include so many things in the work, such as the emotion of artist. We can’t make a price for a person’s emotion, right?

Let me make an other example—- the art of Chinese paper-cuts. It is old to imbued traditional one art China have, it have a long history, and the style is unique. The art of paper-cut has handed down from generation to generation in China and accumulated many characteristics of Chinese culture. It is featuring the simplest artistic thinking and artistic language. It is also an inexhaustible treasure of public art. The art of Chinese paper-cuts as one of the traditional arts, places an important part in folks’ Chinese folk art. It not only cutting paper, but also a part of China.

Or literature works, like Shakespeare, it also can be called art, isn’t it? Maybe the literature can be sale, but we can’t put price on the art’s true meaning. Some people say that Shakespeare probes into woman’s life and spiritual emancipation for the realization of human nature and value, and he calls for the emancipation of human nature from the stance of woman. So I think that the true worth of Shakespeare’s plays cannot be measured by their value to the commercial theater.

So there are some different between the real art and reproductions. In my opinion, reproduction also has itself value such as ornamental value. But the important thing can not be copy that is the soul of artist.


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