Min Ye’s 4th paper

Modern Style vs. Post Modernist Style

When I was searching the website about modern artists and post-modern artist, there were two artists were very impressed to me. One is Faith Ringgold of modern style, and the other one is Emma Amos of post modern style. I like the color and the style they painted. Also, I found they had some similarities about art style.

What is “Modernism”, World Wide Arts Resources shows, “Modernism is a term used to describe the style and theory of art from the period beginning in late 19th century and lasting into the mid 20th century. The modernist movement is closely associated with the term modern art, both characterized by a departure from emphasis on literal representation. With invention of photography, the realistic approach to painting and sculpture became unnecessary, thus artists began searching for new ways of visualizing and thinking about the nature, materials and function of art.” And Faith Ringgold is from this period, and she is the “modern storyteller”. In her paintings, she is telling a story behind the art work.

“Post- Modernism” is “a late 20th century movement that opposed the Modernist preoccupation with purity of form and technique, and aimed to eradicate the divisions between art, popular culture, and the media. Postmodern artists employed influences from an array of past movements, applying them to modern forms. Postmodernists embraced diversity and rejected the distinction between ‘high’ and ‘low’ art. Ignoring genre boundaries, the movement encourages the mix of ideas, medias, and forms to promote parody, humor, and irony”, shows on World Wide Arts Resources. From this period, I found that Emma Amos is the one similar to Faith Ringgold.

In Ringgold’s paintings, she likes to use vivid color, and most of her works have a lot of people in them, and in those people she painted, most of them are black. Same as Amos’s paintings, bright color, black people and both of them were telling stories through the art works. There are two paintings below, left one is Ringgold’s, right one is Amos’s. We can clear see that both of them chose American flag as the paintings’ background. Ringgold painted it first, but we cannot say that Amos might see Ringgold’s painting before she draw hers. However, she might be influenced by Ringgold. And from their art works, they were telling some stories about white people and black people. In this case, they might have some similar thoughts, or Amos is influenced by Ringgold. (Here should be two images of their paintings, but they didnt show here.)

In conclusion, I think no matter when, no matter where, those art or design works will be never out of fashion. So that many artists will get the chance influenced by those famous artists in the past, and learning their advantages to become a good artist or designer. This is not “copy”, it is because famous and meaningful art works or design works will be last forever.



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