Min Ye’s 5th paper

The Value of Digital Art

What is digital art? In the Web definition, it said, digital art is a general term for a range of artistic works and practices that use digital technology as an essential part of the creative and/or presentation process. Nowadays, more and more digital art works come out. Therefore, there are less and less artists or designers using their hands to draw illustrations or posters.

With the development of technology, people tend to use computer and software to make design easier and faster. Many people may say that in this digital age, computer and software make art and design easily, and also produce easily. Then those products of art are lack of value. However, I think even though computer and software help us a lot of producing our design works, those digital arts still has its own significant and indelible value.

Digital art unlike the printed art, it has a lot more information than the posters or paintings. Such as flash games, videos, websites, motion graphics, and so on. They can give people lot information, and make people enjoy the fun with them. If the digital art is produced by computer, can you say it is easy design because you did not make it by your hands? I don’t think so. Ron Brinkmann said in his book, “……usually the credit for these fantastic visuals is given to ‘CGI’ (computer-generated imagery)’ or ‘computer graphics,’ an attribution that not only broadly simplifies the technology used but also ignores the sizeable crew of talented artists who actually created the work.” This is sad but true. Many people think it is easy to design something than before because we have the help from computers and software.

However, the way you think, the idea comes out from your brain is the as easy as other people think. It is true that with the help of computer, we can get easier way to produce our works, but the idea of a good design is always not easy to get. Moreover, learning using those computers and software is also not easy.

Another good thing about digital art is easy edit it. For example, if you draw a painting, when you hang the painting on the wall, you find that there is something wrong on the paint, maybe the wrong color you pick or wrong words you write. Then you have to draw another one. However, digital art solve this problem. You can just easy open the digital file and use software to edit whenever you want to. Another example is website and flash. You can always edit the website and flash when something new comes out. This is the wonderful thing that digital technology gives us.

In conclusion, there is a lot significant value of digital art than what some people think before. We would like to appreciate the digital technology because it makes our life easier and more fun about art and design.

Works Cited:

Brinkmann, Ron. “The Art and Science of Digital Composing.” May 30th, 2007. Web. December 19th, 2012.


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