4th paper—qiuyu.an



Luis Lopez Costea





Edward Hopper 


people think that a classical work must be original, otherwise it is valueless no matter how much praise it has received. But in my opinion, it is not a bad thing that a classical work affords us some benefit that can be used. It is called “learn”. Same as beautiful sentences are cited in our paper, we also can cite some good ideas or skills of classical artwork in our work.

Recently, I begin to interest in a Spanish modern artist— Luis Lopez Costea— a watercolor artist. Luis Lopez Costea is known for his extreme skill of creating watercolor paintings adorned with striking imagination, mesmerizing color combination and remarkable environment. His watercolor paintings out a magical impact on the viewer and they find themselves in quite a distinguished landscape and the beauty of these painting s is enough to arrest the minds and souls of thousands of the fns of Costea worldwide.

Whenever I saw the picture by Luis Lopez Costea,I always see Edward Hopper in my mind. Even of they are not in the same period.

  Edward Hopper,a master of portraying nature world. He preference to paints depicting an expanse of natural scenery, such houses, trees or street view. He is good at use the shadow with light to describe the changing mood. That is the thing most like Luis Lopez Costea. Even if using different pigment. One is watercolor and the other one is oil color. But they are expressing a same emotion. Their paintings reveal endless creativity and passion or life. These two artists all have a pair of good found eyes. In fact, happiness is everywhere. As long as we each have peace and indifferent mood. When it comes to remind ourselves to catch it. I think these two artists are work well for this.

When I see these pictures by Luis Lopez Costea or Edward Hopper, they always make me to image some pretty sight feel so comfortable. It seems like hold glass of ice lemon juice and sprawled in the cooling sand, talking with some friends. No work, no school, no any pressure. I will feel that there is a whole summer in my heart. What an amazing feeling!  

  Just as no two snowflakes are alike, no two minds think alike. In other word, there are must have some differences.

  The painting by Luis Lopez Costea always makes me to remember my hometown, my grandmother, or my childhood friends. That is a sweet imaging. Lights and shadows edit a moment of tenderness. it seems like a famous melody played on a violin.

  Also lights and shadows, Edward Hopper’s paintings have a little bit dreariness. It is early autumn rather than summer.


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