5th paper—qiuyu an

what makes digital value

With the developing of technology, more and more digital things be used in our daily life. People think that some cost cuts after the installation of the new automated assembly line. For example, if the “star night” by Vincent Van Gogh are created on computer, copied by printing press. Does it still make huge value? For the real value of that work, I think every one has his own taste.

Some people will say that digital value is not real art or it does have real value because it very easy to crate and made. They may think everything is makes by computer instead of handmade. It can be amended again and again. But in my opinion, I don’t think the real value of an artwork is depends on the difficulty level of production or creation. A unique idea and artist’s creative power are real value of an artwork.

First of all, I don’t think digital work will replace traditional form of crating art. With the development of the science and technology, more and more designer and artist would like to use computer to finish an artwork. But it does mean the artwork will lose any value of itself. Computer can help them crate their things better rather than help them to crate an idea. A good designer must be a good creator instead of a good worker.

Not only that, but digital value also be reflected in other ways. For example, it is every easy to spread and easy be known. Because of digital art is always high efficiency. In that way, designer will be more efficient. In the past few years, there are so many steps must to do before a work comes out. Such as design, composing, color separation, platemaking and print. If some problem has be found, all steps will be repeated. But computer changes everything already. Now, designer can deal with everything on his own computer. One of the things about God: he knows good and evil and has chosen the good. But we are not God. We do not have magic. But computer can help you to compare with many things and choose a best one for you. Improving process efficiency and increases yield also is digital value I think. In that way, there will be more and more people can know about their works. I think the value of art are not only be reflected on it’s pried but also be reflected on it’s awareness. Digital art did it every well in this point. This is the other big value of digital art.


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