Linmao Yu Book of Kells

Book of Kells

Art and design are always in our lives, but we cannot always distinguish them. So what is art and design? Actually, they are both similar and different. I want to discuss about the art and design of The Book of Kells, which is a very old book and an important example of typography design, illustration and miniature paintings. It is normal for Christian’s not to know this book, but it is the most sophisticated graphic art piece of the middle ages, in that time, it plays a role in disseminating Bible stories, and teaches people more about God. And also tells people about correlation between art and design.

Art is a symbol of taste. The purpose of art is to send the audience the emotion of the artist. In this way, the audience can get inspiration from the work of art. Meanwhile, they can learn the historical background of that period. Basically, art recalls the great empathy between the audience and the artists, such as sadness, happiness and suffering. Also, art reflects the natural talent of humans. And it can recall different idea to different people who view art.

Yet, design is about opinion. Design seeks new trends of thought. Design can expressions something that already happened, and it can help people develop life styles. Design is based on skill more than on talent. On like art, the work of design only shows one specific idea.

Though art and design both create visual composition and are based on the same knowledge, they are two different theories. In simple words, art is something we can feel and design is more intellectual.

In this case, the Book of Kells is very important for art and design. It was created in Ireland, which was famous for English literature. In the time of the Book of Kells, Ireland had many monasteries and friars, and the Church was the center of information and education. Therefore, this historical background provided a fantastic stage for showing the book of kells.

There are so many geometrical figures and animals that make up the symmetry of the page. Most of the pictures in the book convey the stories in the Bible. In this aspect, these pictures play a role as art, helping the readers to feel the power and holiness of Bible stories. So that the readers can understand Bible stories better. Meanwhile, the pictures in the book of Kells show traditional Christian figures and typical Irish art patterns, which let people pass on their history to their offspring. In another way, the pictures in the Book of Kells are made to recall people worshiping God; thus; those pictures are also in design. Just like the pictures in the book, the content also works the same way. The stories in the book mainly expostulate people to worship God.

Based on the animation, “The Secret of Kells” this book was created to spread civilization in case the Viking pirates invaded Ireland and ruined everything. So, this book is a works of art. It leaves Irish offspring with the epitome of that period. Because we can research history through that book and feel the efforts of these monks.

Finally, the book of Kells is a famous book with elaborate images and text. In conclusion, this book is both in art and design. Combined with talent and skill, it holds the creator’s emotion and custom of construction. We can learn the culture and get inspiration for our own creations from the fancy pictures. Everyone will catch his or her own different feeling. Likewise, people might be converted to God, because of the content and the assistance of the pictures.


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  1. LeeAnn,

    Good writing and some very good points. Your English seems to have greatly improved. Good discussion and good argument. The best term seems to be “The stories in the book mainly expostulate people to worship God.” We should talk about this in class.

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