ART85- Victor Boucher- Assignment Two

Victor Boucher- Aveledo


Assignment Two



The Internet is one of the biggest impacts that has happened in our society. It has changed every society around the world. The Internet changed how we talk to each other, how we shop, and how we learn. If you compare the Internet from when the internet wasn’t as assessable to everyone you can see how much it has changed the world.

The internet completely changed social interaction. You can now instantly talk to someone across the world and even if you both don’t speak the same language. “On a more social level, some people communicate more through Instant Messenger and e-mail. The actual physical contact with another human being is replaced with a way that some feel is better. These forms of communication technology should be an alternative form of communication; allowing people to communicate with friends that were otherwise incommunicable due to distance.” (Impact) The use of the internet makes it so much easier to connect to old friends by just the search of their name on a search engine or through a social media website. You can also receive updates of local and world news instantly by just a quick search, or even have that information instantly notifying you to your phone or email.

Big companies as well as smaller or even a self-employed person have changed greatly as well. They both don’t have to rely on having a location. This impacts the small businesses more since now they don’t have to rent out a building and rely on people coming to their store. They can just open up and online store and advertise on social medias. Also as consumers you can just go to any store online purchase specifically what you want and wait for it in the main. No more having to wait for a store to restock. ”The Internet seems to spawn new businesses and business models every day. Some of these new businesses will, in time, become established giants, and some of them may dominate their particular sectors. The qualities they share are a deep understanding of how technology can serve their business strategies, a proven flair for implementing those strategies, and unlimited ambition. A few, such as and E*Trade, are already on the way to achieving that kind of success. Most, despite today’s towering market capitalizations, will simply fade from view, unable to hold on to their much-vaunted “eyeballs”, or turn them into solid profits that build long-term businesses.” (The Economist) You can also get free advertising or search for jobs on sites like Craigslist. This allows anyone and everyone to post what they would like or what they are selling easily without having to hope for someone to pass by it in the news paper.

Education changed drastically and still is today. Being able to look up anything and everything with a simple search through a search engine like Google, it allows teachers and students to confirm information or to bring up new questions that they may be talking about. Online college courses are also starting to become more popular within the education system. It’s a cheaper way and you’re able to do it anywhere at any time. “To meet the growing demand for flexible course offerings, online universities have seen a significant rise in popularity. The advantages of online educations stem largely from the ways that online courses can leverage newly emerging technology and the aptitude of an increasingly connected student population.”(Strayer) With the Internet being used in classrooms, and having classes online it really opens up new windows on how to teach different subjects. Anyone from around the world can now help teach a classs.

The Internet is definitely one of the greatest achievements of mankind. To be able to connect everyone together at once, even without knowing them is really a giant achievement. It also allows people to create even better ideas with the use of the internet. It really is a base for many things to branch off of and expand drastically.


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