Braithwaite – Printing Press or Internet?

Kiara Braithwaite

Art 85

Assignment Two

What had a bigger impact on the world?

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? This question has been the death of ancient philosophers in history. Wikipedia has quoted that “ this question brought forth the idea of how life and the universe in general began.” This question conjures up the argument of what was more significant or essential, the vehicle in which the subject came to grow or the subject that gives life to the vehicle. This argument can easily transition to the top at hand of which advent had a bigger impact on the world, the printing press or the Internet. Both of these inventions can be held interchangeable because without the vehicle of the printing press allowing the art of typography to introduce curves and production, where would the creating of emails, web and post scripts be? Johannes Guttenburg single handedly altered the world significantly with his idea and invention of the printing press circa the 1440s. However, in my opinion his invention served as a monumental stepping stool to the advent of the Internet, which generated a bigger impact on society throughout history. The creation of the Internet allowed the advancement of speed, efficiency and sustainability to alter the lives of humanity by far.

It is still unbelievable how young yet advance the Internet is. Just twenty to thirty years ago, the world was introduced to worldwide access into the birth of another dimension. It started out as an insignificant tool dated back to war in which very few people had access to, yet it now plays an essential role in day-to-day life. The Internet has “revolutionized the computer and communications world like nothing before. The invention of the telegraph, telephone, radio, and computer set the stage for this unprecedented integration of capabilities. (Leiner)“ Some would ask who invented the Internet, however not just a single person created the Internet that we know and use today. Computer hope has aided in the explanation to the helping hands of this impactful invention. The Internet first started being developed in the late 1960s. In the “summer of 1968, the Network Working Group held its first meeting chaired by Elmer Shapiro discussing steps to solve issues related to getting host to communicate with each other. (Computer Hopes)” Computer Hopes then states “the public was notified of the introduction to the internet on July 3, 1969.” Finally, “Ray Tomlinson followed by the creation of HTML and the WWW by Time Berners-Lee in the early 1990s sent the first email in 1971. (Computer Hopes)”

The Internet serves as the motorcycle to an average bicycle, a cell phone to a house phone or more so a digital clock oppose to an analogue clock. The Internet is the advancement to history that the open doors to worldly accessible assets. Wikipedia quotes that “the internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks that use the standard Internet protocol suite to serve several billion users worldwide.” In life, time is of the essence and speed and efficiency is the key to success. Having this knowledge, the Internet allowed the ability to cut fractions of time off collecting and sending information. The Internet is capable of programming language allowing for required information to be present introducing the idea of vector and rasterized entities. A vector is a mathematical form that contains less information only specific for an image to be present and a rasterize image contains a lot of information requiring the necessary and unnecessary matter to convey the image. If you ask my grandparents what was the greatest invention in history that allowed efficient production they would reply with the printing press. However if you ask my mother who had the ability to experience the influences of the printing press and the upcoming Internet she would reply that the Internet was the greatest invention. As for me, someone who grew up in a primarily digital world would hands down say that the Internet was the greatest invention and served as having the biggest impact to society more so because print is becoming obsolete. Currently, magazines are going out of business and are being bought out by other companies and the purchase of print documents are shrinking do to the lack of convenience having to travel to your local corner store. In this day in age the majority of society has access to a smart phone. Newspapers such as Newsday, which is an American daily newspaper that primarily serves Nassau and Suffolk counties and the New York City borough of Queens on Long Island since the 1940s, have transitioned over to the digital world. Newsday is now present as an app on smart phones to allow easy on the go access to current news trends in your area. America has been on mission to promote sustainability with the “Go Green” initiative and by eliminating print and focusing on Internet and the digital world, America is presenting their pledge to follow this movement.

Today, we utilize the Internet to connect with distant family members, engulf our attention into social media and online shopping. We are all united within clicks of a second in one digital universe that still manages to progress daily. The Internet has made monumental strives towards the development of mankind. The Internet has opened doors not only for communication but for strengthening our minds as well. We have access to an infinite amount of answers to unknown questions due to the combination of ideas that filter throughout a simple “www.” prefix that allows access to any search engine in the world. In conclusion, it is evident why I believe that the advent of the Internet serves as a greater impact on society over the advent of the printing press




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  1. Kiara,

    Again great writing and some very good points. I especially like “chicken or egg” analogy. Yep that’s it and it works. The goal here was two-fold at least. To get you to think and focus on art and design. And in this case Internet and printing press. Good info and I hope for you usable research.

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