Walsh- Compare and Contrast Modern Art to Post Modern Art

   Before I get into the type of painting each artist did, I would like to give a little bit of a background information for each. Salvador Dali was a painter, born on May 11th 1904. He began painting at a very young age, receiving his first drawing lessons at the young age of ten years old. His teacher was the well known Impressionist painter named Ramon Pichot. He began to study at the Royal Academy of Art in Madrid, where he was “expelled on numerous occasions, which led to him never actually finishing school or taking his final examinations.” He believed that he didn’t “need them and that he was more qualified than those who were giving him the examinations”(Wanczura). Salvador Dali had a unique style that he called “the world of unconscious that is recalled during our dreams” which is a combination of his dream-like state and the theories created by Sigmund Freud. The melting clocks and burning giraffes he most commonly used were examples of that. His style would be considered “almost photo-realism because of his great craftsmanship”(Wanczura).
Vladimir Kush had a different upbringing, being born in Russia in a one-story house near the Moscow forest-park Sokolniki. Kush attended art school at the age of seven, until late evening when he was “acquainted with the works of great artists of the Renaissance, famous Impressionists, and Modern Artists”(“Biography”). He was enlisted in the military at the age of 18 but after 6 months “the unit commander thought it more appropriate to employ him exclusively for peaceful purposes, painting propagandistic posters” (“Biography”). In the year 1987, Kush took part in exhibitions organized by the Union of Artists and in 1990 nearly all of his displayed paintings were sold. In 1993 his artwork was noticed by a dealer from France, and in 1995 a new exhibition brought him more success. In 1997 he had an exhibit in the United States (Lahaina, Hawaii and Seattle). In 2001 Kush opened his first gallery called “Kush Fine Art in Lahaina, Hawaii” and now he has four galleries in the USA (“Biography”).
The great thing about having Kush around still is that there are great interviews asking him exactly what he meant when he painted a certain works. In one particular interview he got into the details about his Surrealist Art and sculptures. He states that he began painting in different styles, finding out which one worked best for him. He tried out Impressionism which was a separation of color from shape and abstract art. Now he keeps to “Metaphorical Realism” (Xavier). When asked about the number of butterflies that are painted, he said the butterfly is a symbol of the soul, because of its “ability to fly, its metamorphosis and its weightless quality” (Xavier). He uses the Butterfly constantly for a metaphorical journey of the soul. He believes that “metaphor leaves the mind open to grasp onto the hidden likeness of things and events, and the more distant these things are, the greater the effect” which is actually a lot like what Salvador Dali thinks, because in his artwork he adds things such as roses because he uses the clocks as time being melted away during a dream like state, and its perpetually impossible to not wake up thinking that less time has passed than it really has (Wanczura).
Kush is inspired by Surrealism and Salvador Dali may be the best known “artist from the surrealist art scene, with also impressionism and his own take on the classical style” (“Salvador Dali”). If you look at both artists paintings side by side you would see the similarities are remarkable. Both artists should be considered High Art because they aren’t located in magazines or used for any purpose other than Paintings/sculptures, however Kush may have started out as a “low art” artist because he was making Propaganda for the army. Kush also uses mediums such as “objects of art, Jewelry and Multimedia, as well as traditional paintings and sculptures” (Xavier). Salvador mostly used Oil Painting as his medium of choice, which is why when he lost his motor functions in his hands due to palsy (motor disorder leaving permanent trembling and weakness of his hands.” In the end, he could barely hold a paintbrush which ended his artist career (Wanczura).
If I were to have to decide whether each artist was using Art or Design while creating their masterpieces I would have to say they both used Art and Design in every painting/sculpture etc. Art connects with people in different ways, because it can be interpreted differently by each individual viewer. Design on the other hand, is meant to be understood or motivate people to do something (“The Difference Between Art and Design”). Design is a skill that needs to be taught and learned, and after learning both stories of Salvador Dali and Vladimir Kush I think it is clear that they use Art as a way to evoke emotions in each of their pieces, but they don’t exactly leave you wondering what emotions you are supposed to feel because with Kush, he uses metaphors to “leave the mind open to grasp onto the Hidden likeness of things and events” (Xavier). Dali used his Design skills in size and positioning of each of his paintings but he also used his Art skills because you are left interpreting the meaning behind each individual component in the paintings (“The Difference Between Art and Design”).
In conclusion, if I had to find a way to describe Vladimir Kush in comparison to Salvador Dali I would say that they are similar artists, but with the time that Vladimir Kush has left (being so young) he will be able to master not only Dali’s innovative painting style, as well as transform it into multiple different mediums and with that he will take it all even further. Salvador Dali created something amazing and Vladimir Kush is only making it better. Without one, I firmly believe there wouldn’t be the other. The pieces of art that I would compare would be Adolescence by Salvador Dali and an Unnamed Painting of Surreal art. Both paintings have faces inside the landscapes, and although Kush’s paintings seem to be a little more out there and colorful, both paintings have the same basic techniques being used which was very interesting. Also, although the paintings are surreal, they also have a realistic value to them which makes them almost seem like photographs of unusual scenes.

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