Laura Sherman- Final Paper

Advertisements have been with us since the 1700s. Back then advertisements was more about getting the information out there, as opposed to being clever, while still solving a problem. Fast forward to the present; company’s and services are more interested in grabbing the publics eye so they may compete with the other companies and services. Still, advertisements of today have a problem to solve; there are now just different steps that are taken to solve that existing problem. It is my job as a up and coming designer, who is interested in the advertisement industry, to understand the necessary steps that I must take to stand out in the crazy fast paced world of the advertisement industry.

My goal as an individual is to first realize the ways of the marketing world. Meaning, in what ways can I intrigue the public, what crowd will be attracted to this certain product or service. Once I understand that part of it, then coming up with a clever way to sell the product or service, that being the problem. To help get myself out there, I must be aware of the up and coming trends. More importantly I must stay a head of the curve, know what people will like before they realize that they like it. Looking at some of the Commercial spots from the 50s and 60s, I discovered some similarities that we still use in our commercials today. For example, the commercials from the 50s used celebrity endorsement and professionals to get the point across that this certain product is the “one for you.” Today we still use celebrities and professionals to inform the public that without this product or service you as a person is less then “ideal,” it is a trick that has been and will continue being used to draw the public in and spend their money. By understanding this, I will better understand one way in which I could come up with a future marketing plan for a client. Another similarity that I found when observing prior commercials from the 50s and 60s was the use of catchy tunes, jingles, and/or slogans. From marketing standpoint, it is important to understand the use of something catchy, and sometimes often annoying so it will stick with the viewer, that way even if they don’t run out right away to buy the product, it is still planted in their head. Sometimes knowing about the product is all it takes, because knowledge is key, if the public is aware, word of mouth is another strong marketing tool. My understanding of how the marketing world works will help me on the path to becoming a successful designer in the advertisement industry.

It is not only about TV commercial spots, it is also important to realize the many different types of mediums that can be used to reach the public. By applying my knowledge of these mediums, I can come up with a clever ad campaign that can be transformed across the many types of mediums. Being able to advertise the same thing multiple times in multiple ways increases the amount of times the public will see that same ad, and in this case repetition is extremely important. By fitting an advertisement to run across multiple types of mediums, the public will then be more aware of the product. By having a better understanding of the many different mediums that I can use to reach the public, I can design an advertisement that will fit across all platforms and reach that much more people, in many different ways. It is important to understand that advertisement does not just stop at TV spots, newspapers, magazines, billboards, on sides of buildings and trucks, posters, and on the Internet; advertisements have expanded to all aspects of television and movies. By this, I mean, instead of seeing a commercial for a Microsoft computer at the breaks of the television show, you will often now see the Microsoft logo pasted on the back of the computer the character is using, right there front and center, during the episode. Even movies are now taking sponsors and putting in businesses logos to advertise for them. A good example that comes to mind is the most recent Superman movie, where there was a plug for SEARS, 7-11, and IHOP. By keeping this in mind I am able to fully understand that there is no limit to what I can create and design when it comes to advertisement.




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