Braithwaite – Digital Era

From rock and fire, ink and papyrus to printing press and finally digital technology!  Ladies and Gentleman we have opened the doors to a new age, the digital era. We have gone from paper to pixels over the course of hard work, questioning and curiosity.

As a graphic designer I wanted to be engulf in the art of magazine and print layout. I love the precision of this field as well as the free range of inspiration and creativity. 20 years ago I would hands down have a premonition that I would be working within a newspaper firm doing layout and production. As technology and buzz started to increase, the tabloids were the hottest fad to travel around the world. Newspapers were becoming obsolete and the rich vibrant colors of magazines tabloids were becoming popular. With this notion, my dream was to work in Seventeen Magazine. Lets slow down for a moment. If I were starting up my career 20 years into the future this is anticipated to be a foggy vision. The reason is because technology and digital instruments are constantly improving and becoming invented day by day. It is assumed that Seventeen Magazine will be nearly 82% digital by 2030. The purchases of print documents are shrinking do to the lack of convenience having to travel to your local corner store. In this day in age the majority of society has access to a smart phone. Newspapers such as Newsday, which is an American daily newspaper that primarily serves Nassau and Suffolk counties and the New York City borough of Queens on Long Island since the 1940s, have transitioned over to the digital world. Newsday is now present as an app on smart phones to allow easy on the go access to current news trends in your area. America has been on mission to promote sustainability with the “Go Green” initiative and by eliminating print and focusing on Internet and the digital world, America is presenting their pledge to follow this movement.

America as a whole is well known for its hustle and bustle of everyday life. So whatever gets quicker answers, results and demands will be taken full advantage of. Transitioning to a digital is the motorcycle to an average bicycle, a cell phone to a house phone or more so a digital clock oppose to an analogue clock. The digital era is the advancement to history that the open doors to worldly accessible assets. In life, time is of the essence and speed and efficiency is the key to success. Having this knowledge, the Internet allowed the ability to cut fractions of time off collecting and sending information. Businesses take full advantage of this viral transportation of information ongoing the marketing aspect of products and valuable information.

For the older generation, going digital is more of a negative than a positive because of how temperamental it may be. From computer shortages, to freezing application and even the worse of losing documents, it is said that keeping tangible records will always be a go to action. From growing up in the midst of two ages from print documents being popular to the usage of dial “America Online” I see the future to be at least 90% digital in the near future. We have children being brought up with social media, video games and cells that if you took one of the three away your child would most likely say “ I would die without it”. This is said but true, people become dependant on things in life. In conclusion, the saying is money is the root of all evil because it can bring such joy yet such vengeful negativity to get it, in my opinion, I believe that the new saying will be digital technology is the root of all evil because of how people manipulate something for good into something for evil like kidnapping children to texting while driving. All and all the digital train is coming in full force, are you going to jump on the bandwagon?

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Digital Era of the Future 





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