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Whenever you are convinced the “OFB” has lost it and is on just another one of his crazy-ass rambles please realize that maybe just maybe I am “skating to where the puck is going to be…” if you have half a brain try to follow and look for it as well.

I never ramble I always have a reason for what I am trying to tell you. Your job – pay attention.

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Douglas Lee – Final Paper

Put on any movie that relied heavily on special effects, even from within the last decade, and I guarantee at least one person in the room will comment on how cheesy and fake it looks. While I’m sure we’ve all committed a crime of this caliber before, or at least any one from my generation … Continue reading

Douglas Lee – Printing Press vs. Internet

                Imagine bodies of text with thousands of words at a time being rewritten by hand over and over again. The intensity of the labor that scribes went through in order to produce a piece worthy of presenting, and then inevitably having to rinse and repeat the same grueling task for future copies.  This was … Continue reading

Douglas Lee – Book of Kells

            Despite the setting or conditions, the thought behind the action is often contemplated. Wondering how it led to what is has and what exactly the true intention was, the creation of the Book of Kells exemplifies this statement well. Mainly, was it made in the name of art or design? In a piece such … Continue reading

Ryan Cantar: Paper 5

  Ever since their introduction to society, video games have been a source of great wealth, and controversy. The industry has exploded in recent years, leading to a surge in jobs and an even bigger number of people trying to get their start. There is no denying however that the industry has always been ever … Continue reading

Braithwaite – Digital Era

From rock and fire, ink and papyrus to printing press and finally digital technology!  Ladies and Gentleman we have opened the doors to a new age, the digital era. We have gone from paper to pixels over the course of hard work, questioning and curiosity. As a graphic designer I wanted to be engulf in … Continue reading

Braithwaite- Modernism vs Post Modernism

Modernism and Post Modernism are terms encompassing numerous movements. These movements characterize international developments in literature, music, and the graphic and plastic arts from the late nineteenth century onward. Modernism and postmodernism in art are best understood in relation to modernity and post modernity in general cultural history and modernist and post modernist art are … Continue reading

Victor Boucher – Future in Gaming

In early gaming the controls were very basic with just a directional pad or joystick and a couple of buttons on a controller or mounted on an arcade machine.  Which then quickly evolved to a more hand friendly controller with easy quick button access. Interaction with video games right now is still pretty basic, simple … Continue reading